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20th & 21st Century Choreographers

Universal Ballet Competition is introducing a new division exclusively for the Senior Competitive Dancers, to help prepare them for Company life and to introduce them to master 20th and 21st Century Choreographers. UBC is proud to be the first and only competition to bring these world renowned Choreographers to the Senior Competitive Division to compete exclusively at UBC. These Choreographers have created on companies around the world and have joined our vision to enhance and introduce current works into the dance competition world. We are honored to introduce for the 2024 UBC Season the following Choreographers: Val Caniparoli, Robert Joffrey, Gerald Arpino, Jorden Morris, with more to be added at a later date.


 The following is the criteria that must be adhered to compete in this repertoire:

This will be a new division and will be separate from the traditional Classical and Contemporary divisions

This division will only be for the Senior Competitive Dancers at UBC. There will be two categories:

- Neo-Classical

- Contemporary

Exclusive to UBC, participants will have to sign a waiver that will state the following:

The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that any choreography learned under “New Classics 20th-21st Century Choreographer” Division can only be performed at Universal Ballet Competition and may not be copied or used for any activity outside Universal Ballet Competition (example: no other school recital performance or dance competition) and/or any private or public event and/or social media.

This information will be included in the waiver form that all students sign prior to attending and Universal Ballet Competition Season



The repertoire steps must be performed exactly as shown on the videos. No changing or adding of the steps will be allowed.

Videos will be able to be viewed on a link that will be provided by UBC. Videos will not be allowed to be downloaded and shared. Music will be available to download for the competition.


A link to a introduction video, notes, or zoom class provided by the Choreographer or Assistant will be available which will inform the dancers about how the style of the variations should be performed and what in particular they should be doing in order to capture the style the Choreographer wanted correctly. The Judges will also be scoring the variations based on the dancer correctly doing the variations in the correct style.


The music is to be downloaded from the music download link next to the repertoire selected. No change to the music speed, length or other editing is allowed.


Scoring will be based on: technique, musicality, style and accuracy of choreography. Point deductions will be made if any deviations are made to the choreography. In addition, adherence to the stylistic quality of the work is paramount.


Please note that these variations may be performed only at Universal Ballet Competition. The rights to perform these variations have not been granted to be performed at any other event, school performance or dance competition.


Costumes need to be in the style of original costumes from the video.

UBC’s goal is to have the videos on the website by July 15th. UBC will be adding new Choreographers yearly to this new division.

UBC is changing the dynamics of dance by bringing the dance competition world into the present while still honoring the past.

BalletChoreographerVariationsNotesView Video LinkMusic Download URL
Without BoardersVal CaniparoliMale SoloView VideoDownload
ConfessionsVal CaniparoliMale SoloView VideoDownload
4 in the MorningVal CaniparoliMale SoloView VideoDownload
Moulin RougeJordan MorrisFemale SoloView VideoDownload
Sugar Plum FairyJordan MorrisFemale SoloView VideoDownload
Pas de DeessesRobert JoffreyFemale Variation - CerritoView VideoDownload
Pas de DeessesRobert JoffreyFemale Variation - GrahnView VideoDownload
Pas de DeessesRobert JoffreyFemale Variation - TaglioniView VideoDownload
Pas de DeessesRobert JoffreyMale VariationView VideoDownload
Birthday VariationsGerald ArpinoFemale Variation #6 BourreeView VideoDownload
Birthday VariationsGerald ArpinoFemale Variation #5 TurningView VideoDownload
Birthday VariationsGerald ArpinoMale Variation #1 SkimmingView VideoDownload